W. Hunter Roberts & Associates
Transformative Arts

Personal Charter
The Purpose Of My Life Is:

To catalyze a future of awakening, empowerment, and harmonious creativity.

by W. Hunter Roberts

The values that are at the heart of who I am are:

  1. Love - Honoring the integrity, perfection, and wholeness of all that is.
  2. Humility - Standing in awe of that which cannot be spoken, wherever and however it manifests.
  3. Mastery - Sculpting life as art through rigorous truthfulness, ruthless compassion, and play.
  4. Boldness - Risking ideas, creations, ways of being and doing that have never been tried before.
  5. Passion - Putting all of oneself into living, healing, creating, and loving, with nothing in reserve, and without attachment.

I can be counted on:

  1. To sustain the gaze on the darkest horrors and the blazing rapture of the human soul, shining light In the darkness,
  2. To stay awake, no matter what.
  3. To transform whatever stands in the way of the fulfillment of this purpose.
  4. To be lover and co-creator with the Divine.
  5. To ardently safeguard and defend the inviolate wholeness of the living universe.

copyright © 1996-2004 by W. Hunter Roberts