W. Hunter Roberts
Transformative Arts

Catalyzing Artistic, Social & Spiritual Renascence*


Every day, you and I face changes that crash like the chaotic waves of a never-ending tsunami on our shores. In their wake, they make ruins of the values and institutions your parents and grandparents took for granted. Unsurprisingly, there is an increase of anxiety and depression among the young.

How do you navigate this constantly shifting terrain? What is your purpose? Is there any moral ground? Where can you turn to find meaning?

Imagine you are a surfer amidst those crashing waves of change. You are in control of your balance on the board, but not of the waves. Those who try to hold on where they are, to keep their life steady, as it was before, will fall; those who let go of who they thought they were will ride these waves of change, dancing among them, gliding with agility from swell to peak in the tumult.

I am trained as a therapist, life-coach, theologian, shaman, minister and spiritual guide. I accompany and guide people in the grey in-between zones of transition. I have worked with individuals, organizations, and bold projects for the past 25 years, helping people to awaken and renew themselves on shifting sands. I hold each unique, sacred life as a liberated zone; I will help you to claim it, live it and rejoice in it. Together, we can discover and create fulfilling ways of living, working, thinking, and loving.

In this moment, you are creating the planet's future, as you create your own. How will you live? What will guide you?

Will you join me in radical openness and freedom? Dare to know how it feels to be free

*Re-nascence, a new beginning or rebirth; regeneration; the revival of something that has been dormant, as distinct from the historical period referred to as the Renaissance.