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The Word

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - The Gospel of John

A Nuclear Jazz Counterpoint to the Gospel of John

In the beginning there was no beginning. There was no start and there was no end. In the beginning there was Becoming wanting to Be (or was it Being wanting to Become?). In the beginning which was no beginning there was Desire's urge to Life and Life's Desire to Become. There was Life's urge to create herself in infinite forms. All forms began in the dancing of Life and Desire. Becoming was the Dance, and the Dance was Becoming and no thing was outside their dancing.

And all things danced. And in the dance of No-thing Becoming birthed Desire who birthed Life who flowered into Being in her delight with her own Becoming. What has evolved into existence came only through their birthing and becoming and dying herself into multiple forms: through light and darkness, darkness and light, expansion and contraction, breath and release, gestation and expulsion and swallowing all to birth herself anew. And the light is shining in darkness, and the darkness cradles the light. And together they dance.

The flesh and the word were one in becoming and dwelt within and around us and could not be torn asunder, not even by men who came trying to wrench flesh from spirit, life from death, heaven from earth, claiming to have the true light, trying to extinguish the darkness and deny that they were born of blood and of a fleshy will, claiming they were born of mind alone, claiming they were God's children.

So the light became death with the power of a thousand suns to extinguish the words of the teachers and prophets, to extinguish the darkness, to separate Life from Desire, Mother from Father, Being from Becoming. And the light dwelt among us as the only begotten sun of the father and he was full of fear and wrath to slaughter the flesh, to make the flesh the word. - W. Hunter Roberts, M. Div.,