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Binding Our Lives through Symbol

Through our relationship to symbols we make something coherent of our lives . . . we act to accept, affirm, release, bind ourselves to, or alter a particular reality through our symbolic interaction with it.  The frame or context in which we do these things is a ritual. Older than reason, ritual helps human beings grasp and traverse life's passages . . . at a level that reaches beneath the rational mind's ability to explain them."
--Celebrating Her, by W. Hunter Roberts, Pilgrim Press 1998

The Need for Ritual

There are events, changes, and passages that occur in every life, which are beyond human ability to fully comprehend, even with all our science and literacy.

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Day of the Dead

It is the first weekend in November, time once again to enter the ancient, sacred circle of death and rebirth. I feel I have entered this circle (for every circle is the same circle) thousands of times past. My genes remember. My bones remember.

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