W. Hunter Roberts
Transformative Arts



Words from a Few Satisfied Clients and Customers

"When I walked into Hunter's office, I didn't know who I was anymore. Knocked sideways by life events, I was scared and living as a victim of circumstance, something I had sworn never to do. With Hunter's help I overcame the obstacles holding me back and became, once again, myself: strong, confident, and surging into the future with an open sense of anything being possible. Hunter is rigorous, and won't let me get away with things that don't do me any good, and that has made all the difference." - Melanie, Actor/editor

"Working with Hunter has completely transformed the way I see myself in the world and especially in my business. As a professional public health researcher, I struggled with finding a place professionally that would showcase my skills. Hunter helped me to gain the confidence I needed to start my own successful consulting business. Her work is about results, and the results I achieved with her have changed my life." - Michael, public health researcher

"I can't believe how rich my life has become since I started working with Hunter. I have more friends now, and I feel closer and more loving towards them. The loving support they give me is something I've needed all my life -- but I never knew how to get it. Thank you, Hunter!" - Richard, software engineer

"From my first session with Hunter, I started to break through my ingrained bad habits, like my fear of change and my perfectionism. After working with her for a year, I have dramatically improved the way I approach life. Hunter doesn't try to influence my decision, nor is she merely a passive listener. She mainly asks me the right questions, which help me to make the best choices for myself." - Jayne, writer/ former attorney

"When I starting working with Hunter I was unsatisfied with my work life. I thought that a fun, stimulating, and meaningful career that encompassed my seemingly disparate passions was too much to hope for. With Hunter's guidance and coaching, I removed all that was blocking me from designing and declaring my new career. I "invented" a job that fits me so well that to call it a career or a job is absurdly inadequate." - Hyland, Community Arts Developer

"I went to Hunter because she had specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in chronic illness in general, and chronic fatigue in particular. I stayed because I continued to make significant progress dealing with the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of chronic fatigue through a combination of breathing, grounding, visualization, re-parenting. cognitive, and other approaches. She goes the extra mile for all her clients." - Nancy, Attorney

"Our work is thorough. Skillfully and compassionately utilizing different modalities (Psychoanalytic model and biodynamic feeling awareness, psychodrama, meditation, breathing, drawing, writing, philosophic and ancient wisdom), laughing, crying, and life planning, Hunter taught, supported, challenged and guided me to take charge of my life. At a time when my inner fire seemed to be burned out, she helped me to wake up, stay awake, brush off the embers, blow on it, and let the fire catch again." - Rosemary, Administrator