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The Underpinnings of The Work

“The map is not the territory.” - Gregory Bateson, anthropologist

Consider: Our experience of the world is based more on the map we use than on the territory we travail, because our map tells us how to interpret the territory. Our interpretations give us our responses, our beliefs, our emotions, and even our sense of what’s possible. If we have a map that does not include California or Borneo, for example, we are unlikely to consider the possibility of going there. We may not even know they exist. Likewise if our map does not include love, success, self-esteem, or adventure, we are equally unlikely to consider or own such possibilities for our lives. These maps, made early in our lives, are embedded in our bodies at the cellular level, not just in our minds. To change your world and your experience, then, you have to change more than your mind; you have to re-wire your cellular map of reality...

A Holistic Approach to Holistic Healing
Truly holistic health requires more than vitamins and herbs; it requires a holistic approach to healing and to our understanding of health. Find out why and how Transformative Arts is different…

A New Model for Psycho-Healing
Science is giving us a new model of the universe, one that is fluid, inter-dependent, and always in flux. This model has implications for better understanding the natural processes of healing and transformation. How might these insights impact our understanding and practice of what we do in the healing of souls?

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